Successfully managing an Airbnb or vacation rental involves ensuring trash is taken in and out on a regular basis. Unsightly and smelly trash piled up because the trash cans didn’t make it to the curb on time can lead to a bad review (and very unhappy neighbors!). We can help with that!

Our cleaning services already include ensuring all of the trash in the unit gets to the trash cans or dumpster, but in some cases the trash cans need to be moved or taken to the curb in time for the pickup days. This is where our trash service comes in.

For $49 per month, we’ll take all of your trash cans to the curb the day before pickup and also take your trash cans back in (to where they belong) the day after, every week.

This special price is only available if you’re also using our cleaning services. We do offer the service a-la-cart for $59 per month if you’re in our cleaning service area. This monthly trash service is included for free for our managed properties.

Get Trash Service Now!

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