If you’ve been in the Short Term Rental (Vacation Rental) industry for long you know that one of the most challenging parts is cleaning. Having a dependable, consistent, and detailed clean is imperative to a successful Airbnb or vacation rental business. This is now even more true in the COVID-19 era where guests want to know that all surfaces have been sanitized.

At STR Management, we’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do vacation rental cleaning right and we think we’ve nailed it, so we decided to offer our cleaning services to other short term rental businesses and Airbnb owners in the Austin area (service area map). Here are some of our key differences:

Guaranteed Service
We guarantee that we’ll get your property cleaned between your check-out and check-in times. This allows you to offer same day bookings, potentially making you A LOT more revenue!

Commercial Laundry
We have all of our laundry commercially washed, dried, and pressed off site. This helps ensure a single set of linens isn’t getting overused as well as catching any issues with the linens and pulling them from inventory. It also saves you money on decreased utility usage and reduced cleaning costs!

Photo Documentation
We automatically email you photo documentation after every clean. We set this up to capture each particular detail that you want to see. We also take photos of any damages or other problems encountered during the clean to assist you in getting reimbursed by your guest.

Automated Calendar Syncing
We connect with your Airbnb, VRBO, or other calendar directly, so that you never have to schedule a clean again! If you’d prefer to manually set your cleans, we provide a shared Google Calendar, so that you know the cleanings that are scheduled and can modify them as needed.

We provide software such that you can see when we start and finish cleaning your vacation rental or AirBnB. This allows you to offer early check-ins if you would like. Additionally, all of our staff is background checked, paid a living wage, as well as offered health and dental insurance.

We restock the property with the consumables that are stored on site. We can also restock consumables that are not stored on site for an additional charge. We bring all our own cleaning supplies unless there are special cleaning supplies required. We can handle special requests including putting out gift baskets and restocking special toiletries.

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Every clean is important, so we take the time to ensure no detail is missed. Your guest doesn’t want to hunt around for the parking pass or TV remote or worry that the door handles weren’t sanitized. We take this to the next level with detailed folding of all of the towels and tucking of the linens. On top of all of this we also do regular inspections to make sure each clean is up to our high standards.

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