Being real estate investors ourselves, we enjoy working with other real estate investors that share our vision of the short-term rental industry.

Full-time Vacation Rentals

In order to ensure we can continue to deliver a high quality experience for both guests and investors, we have decided to only manage full-time short-term rentals. These are properties that are designed specifically for short-term rental use and are available for booking more than 300 days per year.

High-Quality Product

We’re focused on delivering a high-quality product. This doesn’t mean that we only work with the most expensive properties, but that we seek out properties that are well maintained, look good, and are well thought out. This gives our property managers an opportunity to shine and demonstrate how good the guest experience can be.

We can work with you in the design process to make sure you have a profitable and marketable property. We have a local designer and furniture company owner that we work with on a regular basis that can help add a lot of value if you don’t already have furnishings selected or if you want to add some small touches.

Dedicated Property Manager

We have a dedicated property manager for each property. He or she manages all aspects of the property from bookings, guest interactions, managing maintenance, and managing cleanings for that specific property. This helps them build a relationship with the property and get to know it extremely well, so they can help deliver the consistent exceptional guest experience that we strive for.

Dynamic Pricing

We are focused on maximizing sustainable net income for our real estate investors. We want this to be a completely hands off investment for you.

We use a dynamic pricing engine to assist in pricing all of our properties. Our pricing adjusts on a daily basis based on demand, day of the week, events, booking gaps, and more. We also manually price specific events to ensure we are maximizing pricing at each opportunity. We tweak our pricing model weekly to target 80% occupancy in order to maximize revenue for our investors.


Austin short-term rental regulations are complicated. We understand the regulations and what they mean for your specific property. Setup a call with us to discuss the implications for your property.