Leverage the growing short-term rental industry without disruption of your long-term tenants.


Austin has a unique set of short-term rental regulations that provide a great opportunity for multi-family property owners, specifically triplex and larger properties.

We’re experts at navigating those regulations in order to ensure that we can have a long-term sustainable partnership.


Balancing long-term tenants and short-term rentals is extremely important and one of our biggest advantages.

From the very beginning of building the partnership, we focus on what is appropriate for the property with careful unit selection. We want to ensure that there is easy entry/exit without disruption of long-term tenants.

Along the same lines, we choose an appropriate amount of units for the property such that the short-term rentals will not change the nature or character of the property. This helps maintain the balance between the vested interest of the long-term tenant and the needs of the short-term rental guest.

Professional Dedicated Property Manager

We have a dedicated property manager for each property. He or she manages all aspects of the property from bookings, guest interactions, managing maintenance, and managing cleanings for that specific property. This helps them build a relationship with the property and get to know it extremely well, so they can help deliver the consistent exceptional guest experience that we strive for.

We work to create a dedicated, consistent, long-term mutually beneficial partnership. We do our part by ensuring we have quality guests and minimizing issues. We ensure that by:

  • Having a local dedicated vertically integrated property manager
  • Vetting of every guest (ratings, previous stays, reason for visit, occupancy)
  • Delivering a high-quality product
  • Keeping consistently high ratings/guest experiences
  • Explicitly communicating community rules to guests
  • Having our own local internal cleaning team to ensure security, availability, and consistent delivery of a quality clean

High-Quality Product

We’re focused on delivering a high-quality product. This doesn’t mean that we only work with the most expensive properties, but that we seek out properties that are well maintained, look good, and are well thought out. This gives our property managers an opportunity to shine and demonstrate how good the guest experience can be.

All of our properties are meticulously designed. We have a local designer and furniture company owner that we work with to design and style each unit uniquely.


We integrate into your existing systems, so you don’t need to change in order to work with us. We look just like a normal long term tenant with special privileges. We can use the standard TAA lease with an STR Addendum and we pay market rent.


We are local, which means we have on the ground dedicated property managers ready to help in any situation.

Austin founded. Austin owned. Austin focused.